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When we move into a new home, we all think about ways to inject our personality into our interior décor, but what about the garden?

Yes, estate agents do tend to have a bad reputation. You’ll hear stories from people who have had bad experiences and that’s often enough to make you believe that we’re all bad!

But we want to look at the most common misgivings home buyers and sellers have about estate agents and explain why they might be a little harsh…

While moving home can be an exciting time, it can also be a stressful and challenging period, both physically and emotionally. In fact, over sixty percent of us even believe that moving home is actually more stressful than getting divorced or starting a new job, according to a survey carried out by E.ON. But, as long as you plan ahead, it doesn’t need to be like this.

I have a column in Mendip Living where I aim to address all of your burning questions about moving and dish out some of my top tips. My first column was about how to buy and maintain a listed building, which you can read below...

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly seeing new kitchen gadgets on my social media feeds. They always look really cool, but taking a minute and thinking about it often reveals that it wouldn’t make your life any easier at all.

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