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Yes, estate agents do tend to have a bad reputation. You’ll hear stories from people who have had bad experiences and that’s often enough to make you believe that we’re all bad!

But we want to look at the most common misgivings home buyers and sellers have about estate agents and explain why they might be a little harsh…


1. Estate agents will lie to make a sale

Upholding a good reputation is just as important to an estate agent as it is to any business. Referrals are sometimes our biggest source of new clients, and we wouldn’t want to compromise our client’s trust in any way.

Unfortunately, there are agents who don’t like to face the truth and think misleading people is a better option, by asking lots of pertinent questions you will soon know if you are on the right track.

We have a strict code of ethics that we adhere to, and we are transparent with our clients. Check out our google reviews if you want to know what our customers think.


2. They won’t tell me any bad things about the neighbourhood in case it puts me off buying the property

We recommend that buyer’s research the neighbourhood before they buy a property for their own benefit. Looking at is usually a good place to start.

We will, of course, tell you what we know about the surrounding area and local amenities, and point you in the right direction if we're not sure about anything.


3. Estate agents hide the bad bits of the house to make a sale

We are legally required to disclose any known issues about a house to any potential buyers, so you shouldn’t worry about this at all.

We want you to buy a house that you’ll be very happy in, and we wouldn’t want to be the ones who encourage you to buy somewhere that isn’t right for you!

If you’re at all worried about the condition of the property, there could be some issues or defects that we are not aware of. We would always recommend, therefore, that you hire a RICS surveyor to inspect the property.


4. It doesn’t matter which estate agent I pick as they’re all the same

Every agent has completely different skills and experience levels, so you should certainly put some thought into which one you pick.

Some things to take into consideration are:

  • What type of houses they have sold in the past
  • Their knowledge of the local area and market prices
  • Most importantly what do their reviews say about them

For more tips, check out our article on how to pick the right estate agent.


5. Choosing the cheapest agent means I will save money

As with all things in life you get what you pay for. Usually, cheaper fees mean there are less resources to put into the marketing and the management of successfully selling your home. You should consider the following questions when making your choice:

  • What % of asking prices are they achieving?
  • How many of their sales successfully complete?
  • What is their average time from marketing to exchange?
  • Are they open to do viewings 7 days a week and in the evenings?
  • Are they available to speak to when potential buyers are looking to book viewings?
  • How much time and effort will they put into marketing your property?

All of these can have a massive impact on the sale of your property - a great agent will know how to market your property and achieve a higher sales price. Achieving just 3% more on the average asking price in this area equates to £8,850, which means more money in your pocket.