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I have a column in Mendip Living where I aim to address all of your burning questions about moving and dish out some of my top tips. My first column was about how to buy and maintain a listed building, which you can read below:

Firstly, what is a listed building?

These are buildings that have been deemed to be of national architectural or historic interest. There are three types of listings Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. Only about 6% of listed buildings are listed as Grade I or Grade II*.

How much of the building is listed?

The listing applies equally to the outside and inside of the building. Most people are not aware that it will also cover any free standing structures within the grounds of the property as well. If you are looking to carry out any works to the property then contacting your local conservation officer is a good starting point.

Does a listing affect the value of the property?

This comes down to personal opinion, it has generally been listed as it is of historical importance and most people are proud to be owning and maintaining a part of history. Generally, it does not effect the price of the property.

Can I change the appearance of a listed building?

With environmental issues becoming more at the forefront of modern living there is a general acceptance from local conservation officers that there are modern alternatives, yet within keeping of the traditional look of the building. For example, replacing drafty sash windows can be achieved with handmade wooden windows with slimline double glazing.

What is the biggest concern if I buy a listed building?

Ensure that any work carried out on the property has the proper approval with planning permission and that it meets the local conservation officer's conditions and standards. You will inherit responsibility as the new owner for work carried out before your ownership. There are specialist undiscovered works insurances you can take out to help alleviate any worries.

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