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I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly seeing new kitchen gadgets on my social media feeds. They always look really cool, but taking a minute and thinking about it often reveals that it wouldn’t make your life any easier at all.

These are all the kitchen gadgets I’ve seen which would actually be useful – have you got any to add?



Ok, so this is a common one now and I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, but this is the gadget that I’ve been the most impressed with. It’s such a simple concept, but makes eating healthily so much more appealing.

Magnetic spice tins


If you’re anything like me, you end up rummaging through cupboards looking for the right spices amongst your endless herbs and spices collection. These little magnetic tins can stick to a magnetic board on your wall or the side of your fridge, making it easy to find the ones you’re looking for and it saves space at the same time.

A cereal bowl that stops your cereal getting soggy


This is a life saver for those of you who can’t stand the soggy bits of cereal as you reach the bottom of the bowl.

Stuffed burger press


My mouth is watering just thinking of the creations I could make using this. Going out for a burger is a common occurrence, mainly because making our own seems like a hassle – this solves all that, and would probably be more delicious too!

Citrus juicer


There’s nothing like fresh lemon or lime juice rather than out of the bottle – this will get every last bit of juice from your citrus fruits and will make less of a mess in the process.

Smart kettle


This one’s for the coffee and tea snobs! This kettle can heat water to a certain temperature and keep it hot for up to 20 minutes. Handy for those of us who boil the kettle…and then forget about it until we realise we still don’t have a cup of tea in our hands.

Thermometer spoon


I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before – it’s such a simple idea, but yet it’s genius! Less washing up and makes the hardest part about cooking (multi-tasking) a little easier.

Portable cheese melt


One for the cheese lovers (aka everyone)! Imagine impressing your dinner party guest by having freshly melted cheese on the table, ready to be poured on...

Divided skillet


I love this idea – it’s really simple but would come in really handy. This would allow you to cook an entire meal in just one pan. Not only would you save on washing up, but cooking meals like fajitas would be made 5 times easier.

Squeeze and level measuring spoons


This probably wouldn’t save loads of time, but if you’re looking for new measuring spoons, these might be good option. Once you get used to using them, measuring out level tea spoons and the like would be a breeze.