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It seems silly to complain about having an extra room, but sometimes we end up with a room that’s slightly too small to turn into a guest bedroom that we can’t think of another use for.

We’ve got some unique ideas for your small spare room, which will make sure it doesn’t become wasted space!

Reading nook

If you’re a big reader, you could buy a comfy chair and some shelves and turn your spare room into a little reading nook. It would be ideal for cosy days in during the winter, especially if you add some warm lighting and a big, soft blanket.


Thanks to the huge variety of desks available, you can turn pretty much any sized room into a home office. You can even buy desks that fold out if your room is really tiny. Fill empty corners with drawers for storage or some decoration, such as potted plants.


You could completely childproof the room and fill it with your child or children’s favourite toys. This way, they can wreak havoc in just one room rather than all over your home!

You could even turn one wall into a magnetic blackboard, keeping the little ones occupied for hours.

Doggy room

You get your own bedroom, so why shouldn’t your four-legged friend? Set up a dog bed, some chew toys, and a litter tray if they need one, and make a puppy paradise.

Walk-in wardrobe

Having a walk-in wardrobe is something that we’ll often link to being rich or having a huge house. But, if you have an extra little room, you could easily turn it into your wardrobe – it doesn’t have to link directly to your room.

Put up some rails, add a stool, a mirror, and some décor and you’re good to go!

Hobby room


If you are a keen musician, gardener, artist, etc, you could turn your spare room into your own private studio. Creating a space for you to pursue your personal projects can inspire you, and give you a place to keep or display your handiwork. It’s also a great conversation starter when guests come over!

Mini gym


Save money on expensive gym memberships by setting up a small workout space in your own home. Unless you’re an aspiring body builder, it doesn’t need to include anything fancier than some gym mats, dumbbells, and a stereo. A lot of the most effective gym equipment is small and affordable, and for cardio…well, going for a run is free!



It’s the boring option, but you could turn a tiny spare room into a storage room that doesn’t just end up being a large pile of stuff you don’t want to look at anymore. Take the time to sort through all of your possessions that you don’t use every day, and create an organised space for them.

You could have shelves for files full of paperwork and documents, a wardrobe for seasonal clothes that you don’t need, and cabinets for board games and other bits and bobs from around the home. You could even put up hooks for your spare wires.

Ball pit


If a storage solution is a bit too sensible for you, why not just fill it to the brim with plastic balls? It sounds ridiculous, but you wouldn’t be the first to do it!