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Period features are often seen to be desirable when house hunting – but would you know what to look out for? Trims and mouldings were often used in Georgian and Victorian houses, and served to both look pretty and keep the house in one piece.

They were seen as symbols of social status – expensive houses tended to boast many period features, whilst cheaper houses were less extravagant. Check out our list of features so you can find out how many your home has, or look out for them when you’re next viewing a property.


This is a wooden trim which frames doors, windows, and built-in cupboards. They surround areas such as these as they’re meant to protect the plaster from cracking due to repeated movement.


Ceiling rose

Plaster moulding will often surround light fixtures in the form of elaborate patterns and designs. Although they often look beautiful, they actually served to catch the smoke which would rise from gas lights, and sometimes included holes to allow the smoke to escape.



These are decorative brackets, usually in the shape of an arch. You can often find them above doors and fireplaces.



This is the plaster trim covering the transition between the wall and ceiling.


Dado rail

Lines of architrave can often be found a little way up the wall. In Georgian times, chairs were often left against the walls, and these rails served the purpose of preventing the walls from being damaged.

The rails actually began to disappear during the Victorian era, but they have returned more recently as a decorative feature.


Skirting board

The wooden trim between walls and floors serve to protect the wall from knocks, and to balance the proportions of tall ceilings.


Tiled Floors

Traditionally, beautiful tiled floors, like the example below, can be found in both Victorian and Edwardian homes.

They were laid without grouting as the tiles were pushed against one another to form the pattern – the only problem with this is the dirt that can get trapped between them!



If you’re looking out for a new home with some classic, period features, check out this property. A great example of a restored Georgian property!