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If you see all the beautiful homes on Pinterest and assume their owners must have lots of spare cash lying around, you may be wrong. There are ways to make your home look expensive and attractive without spending a fortune!

We’ve got some top tips for making your home cosy, yet stylish, on a budget.

Organise your shelves

Shelves aren’t just for storage – they can liven up a room too. Start by sorting through your possessions and throwing out or storing anything you don’t want or use. Organise your remaining items by size or colour, and don’t overcrowd the shelf – this will make your room look clean and minimal, while still having a purpose or function.

Buy flowers and plants

Buying some colourful flowers or attractive looking plants look good in any room. If your room is looking a little black and white, add a pop of colour to your coffee table, making your home look like someone lives there, without adding any mess or clutter.

Hang some wall art

If your room seems to be lacking something, that something is often photos and paintings. Hang a large canvas or an assortment of framed photos to a big blank wall to add some colour and personality to the room, without making it feel smaller or more cluttered. Alternatively, mirrors can make a blank wall more interesting, and make the room feel bigger.

Liven things up with a throw or a rug

Liven up your sofa and make your living room a bit cosier with a patterned throw – they’re also handy for hiding any unsightly stains! A nice, thick rug can also give the room a cosier feel, while potentially adding some colour to a dull room.

Paint the walls (or just one of them)

A pot of paint doesn’t cost much and can completely transform a room. You could opt for some white paint, to give the room a classy feel, or pick a more adventurous colour and just paint one wall.