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A hugely important factor for house-hunters is first impressions. If you walk up to a house and aren’t impressed by the exterior, this is likely to stick in your mind when looking at the interior!

You want to start a viewing off on the right foot by making sure the outside of your property makes prospective buyers excited to come inside and see more. We’ve got some tips to help you out:

Focus on the front door

Investing in an attractive, secure front door will really help first impressions. Choose a door that compliments and adds to the overall design of your home, such as an oak door for an older, more weathered property.

Adding lights and other decoration such as hanging baskets can also help to draw attention to the front door, and could even mean you won’t have to invest too much in the rest of the property’s exterior.

Make sure that the number or name of the property is clearly visible and personalised – your choice of font or colour can say a lot about the house it belongs too.

Smart windows help

Start of by giving your windows a good clean, and consider painting the frames. If you don’t think this is going to cut it, it may be wise to replace them.

You’ll be amazed at the difference some clean windows can make to the overall look of your property.

Get some assistance from mother nature

 If it’s an option, get gardening and create some new flower beds in front of your home – not only will the entrance to your home look beautiful, but it will smell nice too!

If you don’t have the option to do this, consider buying some potted plants or hanging baskets.

Consider the overall look of your home

Stand on the pavement outside your home and look at the property – would you be impressed if you were seeing it for the first time?

If not, consider why. Are the bushes overgrown? Is the pathway leading to the front door looking a little weathered and cracked? Are your eyes drawn instantly to a crack in the wall or some overgrown grass? If you’re on a tight budget, just fix the bits that stand out in order to prevent a visitor’s first impression being a negative one.


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