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Moving house can be really stressful, and the last thing you want to happen is to be still packing up your possessions when the removal van shows up! People tend not to think of a plan for packing as they don’t realise how much of a big job it is – it takes much longer than you’d think!

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get your possessions packed up ready for moving day.

  • Start packing early!
    We’re talking a good couple of months in advance for larger houses – there will be days when you won’t want to do anything so allow for a bit of relaxation once in a while and you won’t be panicked when you get closer to the big day.

  • Leave lots of time for sorting
    Organise your stuff into different piles: keep, charity, and throw – and be harsh on yourself. The less possessions you have, the easier the move will be. Sell bigger items online or give them away to friends – you could even sell items at a car boot sale or garage sale.

  • Pack one room at a time
    Start with rooms you use the least and work your way through the house – this will help you to stay organised and see how much you have left to pack. Also, when the day comes, it will be easier to tell the removal people where you want different boxes to go.

  • Label the boxes
    It’s something you’ll see people do in movies or your friends do when they move, but it’s easy to forget to do it yourself. Write what’s in each box on the outside with a marker pen. You can use different coloured pens for each room if you want to be super organised – it all helps when the day comes!

  • Don’t pack too much into a box
    It’s easy to forget that the boxes have to be lifted when you’re piling stuff into it. Pack lots of smaller and lighter items into large boxes, and pack heavy items in small boxes. This way, you can save yourself a back injury, a broken box, or repacking later.

  • Fill any gaps
    To save your stuff from breaking, fill any gaps with newspaper, clothes, or other material.

  • Have a box packed with essential items
    This is often forgotten and it can cause you massive inconvenience! Your box of essentials should have everything that you will need when you’ve just moved in. Moving takes time, and the likelihood is that it will be late in the day once everything is in the new house and you won’t want to do much more than put your bed together and sleep! The last think you’ll want to be doing is rummaging through all your possessions trying to find your toothbrush. Pack essentials such as towels, eating utensils, boxed food (such as pasta), toiletries, first aid kit, underwear, a pan, and pet food (if you have a pet).