Instant Online Property Valuation

A situation we come across regularly is people who are moving house saying:

“I don’t want to put my property on the market until I’ve found the property I want to buy"

 This is a really common problem when homeowners find themselves in a seller’s market and there isn’t a wide choice of properties available. Understandably, people are nervous about marketing their property before they know that they will have somewhere to live once they’ve sold it.

The difficulty with this situation is that when the right property finally comes on the market, another buyer can swoop in before you are in a position to make an offer. Therefore, you’re ultimately left with 2 choices:

Put your house on the market at a reduced value so a buyer will snap it up straight away, putting you in the position to make an offer, or, wait to put your house on the market until we enter a buyer’s market, meaning there are a lot more properties to choose from.

However, the problem with both of these options is that you will not be maximising the true value of your home, and are potentially losing out on 5% of the sale price.

Here at Forest Marble, we recognise this as an irritating problem for house-hunters, and have done our best to come up with solutions.

  • Tell us the roads that you are interested in, and we will help you to find the right property from homeowners who are considering selling up, but haven’t put their property on the market yet.

  • We have properties available to sell that aren’t on our website – we only show these properties to buyers who are respectful of our vendor’s time scales.

  • We have a Get You Moving advice package, which will give you access to our unique matching service – we will match you against other like-minded homeowners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch – we are available 24/7!