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The living room is often the place people spend the most time in, and it is therefore important that the space feels welcoming. If you are considering giving your living room a makeover you do not need to spend a load of money and will find a small budget and a lot of creativity is all you need to bring your sitting room dreams to life.

Rearranging Furniture

You'd be surprised how much of a difference simply changing the layout of your living room can make. Switching up the configuration can allow you to discover a whole new way of utilising the space whilst also giving you flexibility when decorating. You might even find that changing the position of your current furniture gives you room to consider the addition of dining furniture or maybe even an extra sofa. Enlist the help of a friend or family member, clear the room of any clutter and get started on discovering a whole new layout.



Paint Is Your Friend

Giving a room a fresh lick of paint is widely accepted as the easiest and most effective way of brightening up a room. Not only this but a change in colour or pattern of even just one wall can spruce up a room and transform it from old and tired to stylish and exciting. The more daring may even consider using stencils to design their own wall pattern.

Paint isn't just for the walls however, as it can transform furniture into a statement piece or even just turn a car boot sale find into a high-end looking item. Get creative and get envisioning because you could end up creating a beautiful piece whilst also saving a few pounds.



Natural Décor 

Using natural elements to spruce up a room can add a homely atmosphere whilst also being very on trend and stylish. Natural woods tend to go well with almost anything and bring peace and tranquillity to a room.

Floral inspiration doesn't have to be artificial and you can enjoy a natural element with minimal upkeep with the addition of low maintenance plants such a succulents or cacti, or by simply finishing off the room with a fresh bouquet of flowers.



Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can bring so much to a room, whether it be adding a splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome room or creating a special feature wall that would have been nothing but a wasted potential.

It is very affordable to do and easily customisable, simply heading to the internet to choose your own selection of pictures and putting them in a few differently sized affordable frames gives you all the enjoyment of the beautiful images without spending lots of money. Or, if your budget allows for it and you'd like to invest in some artwork, why not try some of your local art stores? For example, Studio Prints





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