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One issue I think a lot of people are guilty of is having too much ‘stuff’ and nowhere to put it. This can make tackling tidying much more tricky, and when space is limited it can be difficult to imagine a place for everything. Below you will find a list of ideas for squeezing in some extra storage space without compromising on style.


 Store it high

Take a page from London’s book, when you run out of floor space – turn to the sky, or in this case, the ceiling. Hanging storage can save room, and look very stylish.



 Shelving Wall

A shelving wall can save you space, look stylish and be a fun DIY project.  Open shelving can allow you to organise would-be clutter into interesting décor, whilst also saving space.




A Place for Everything

One place storage is needed most is just by the door where people can kick off their shoes and hang their coats without creating a mess. A mudroom bench combines a seating area with storage for dirty shoes and hanging pegs.



Stair Storage


A genius way of squeezing in some extra storage space is looking to the stairs. There are so many different ways to transform stairs, whether it is making each step into a pull out drawer or building a funky storage unit under, the under stairs has got to be better than just a cupboard.



Storage Chest

A storage chest can provide a handy and convenient place to hide away random items whilst often doubling as décor. There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes available and you can put them almost anywhere, making them one of the most versatile options.