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                 Selling Your Home - Is Now a Good Time?                                         


As we are all aware of by now, the property market is a ferociously uncertain one. With that being said, one thing is for the certain and that is that the rumours are true – house prices are rising. Not only has the property market been given help from the government in a variety of ways, the main factor is there are more buyers than there are sellers. Looking over the market history the dramatic increases in value property is selling for is quite staggering, so surely this is a good time to sell?

In a nutshell, if you want to sell your property for possibly the highest price it has ever been worth and increase your budget to put towards your dream home; yes. Some people had queried whether the end of the stamp duty holiday would see a change in direction in the spike in house prices. In actuality, we are continuing to find ourselves in a buoyant market, meaning it remains an excellent time to sell. Reports have suggested no indication to the stamp duty holiday (due to fully end at the end of September 2021) having any notable negative effect on the overall health of the market and prices. In fact, houses prices are expected to remain strong throughout the end of the year and well into early 2022.

Some people when deciding to sell their properties may have concerns about an onward purchase and the common trend of not being able to view property until being in a position to make an offer themselves. Although a lot of sellers are relaxing on this stance and making viewings more accessible for those who have a property to sell or are in another situation, there is also the case to consider that it may be in your best interest to be proceedable. Regardless of whether a seller allows you to view their property, if you and another person fall in love with it, the person who is able to proceed is much more likely to have a happy ending. As we know, the property market is very fast passed currently, so it is important that you can keep up.

 Now, there may be the concern, what if I sell my house and then have nowhere to go? Well, if you have both a good agent and a good buyer, this should not be a concern. The ideal buyer is      someone who loves your house and is willing to work around your timescales, and a good agent will be completely transparent and clear with potential buyers about this in order to find the right buyer.


The first thing to consider when planning your move is how much you can expect your property to sell for, so you can get a better understanding on what you can look forward to buying. Our online valuation tool can give you an approximate valuation in under a minute as well other information. After this, if you’d like to have an agent out free of charge to give you a more accurate valuation that takes into account your home’s individual merits, we’re happy to help.


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