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How to Buy

Everyone who buys, sells, lets or even just lives in a home will have a need for financial advice. We are strong believers that this should be from a fully independent advisor and as such we do not employ in house consultants. However, we have done some scouting around and using our years of knowledge have found the best local talent when it comes to financial advice and mortgages. Just call us for their details.

We have aligned ourself with a unique online auction house offering both modern and traditional auctions. To find out more please give us a call or look at www.hammertimepropertyauctions.co.uk

Every house transaction whether buying or selling requires the expertise of a specialist conveyancer. It is usual to get the same person to act on both your sale and your purchase. They are there to ensure the property you are buying is legally sound and to also pave the way for a successful sales transaction.

Traditionally Estate Agents and Solicitors don’t have the best of relationships, yet strangely they should be working closely together to get sales through quickly. We have forged a number of strong relationships with high quality local solicitors, who react quickly to our needs and also are used to working together. Depending on your needs we can help steer you in the right direction.

There are a number of other property related services, albeit a local surveyor, removal company, builder, electrician, plumber etc.

Our rolodex is bursting at the seams with business cards and if you have any need for any of these, then please contact us for a list of names.

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